Our team is always on a lookout for new TV show ideas, we are also closely following the foreign trends in showmaking. It’s important to note that a number of shows were based on our own original ideas.
Russia 1 TV channel. Original idea and format development (produced 4 seasons)
Russia 1 TV channel. An innovative approach to a makeover show.
Tv show
A popular stand up comedy show on TNT channel.

Comedy club is an astonishingly daring project, that has become a Russian cultural phenomenon over the years.

It premiered on September 12, 2003.

Produced by “Prime time” creative group led by Larisa Shlepina. A different production group is running the project since 2005.

Ren TV tv channel. “Stars” caught off guard by the absurdity of the situation display irritation, anger and even rage. Or, on the contrary, “play along” with the show host.

The most brilliant prank show from Russia to Australia.

A rookie/professional artist/journalist, one-in-two Igor Poryvaev arrives in Moscow from a far away continent to interview celebrities, politicians and athletes. His inappropriate and sometimes silly questions are always making the interviewees uncomfortable. The guests are sure that the bloopers are going to be edited out of the show. But that’s not the case!