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Vertical crime story
"Russia 1" TV channel

A new investigation unit dedicated to solving the most complicated cases is formed within the Main Administration for Internal Affairs in Moscow. The unit is staffed with the people who became scapegoats in their previous workplaces. These are policemen who have had multiple disciplinary warnings, who have trouble following the rules and have been close to being fired several times. However, they are highly effective and were able to solve many cases and arrest a number of criminals. Their integrity and a strong will to make this world better is one of a kind.

“Pervyi kanal”. This is a series centered around the idea of reversibility of your life story. Each character in this captivating story has three potential life scenarios.

Hosts: Aleksandr Gordon, Kseniia Lavrova

The project is based on a TV show from Argentina (“TELE F” channel), but the Russian version has a number of original features. In Argentina it was a TV show starring the same popular actors in every episode. However in Russia it is a film incorporating several personal life stories and starring less then popular actors, with new actors in every episode. The film director, Oleg Khaibullin, describes the Russian version of this format as a “blend between an action film and a psychological TV show”.

Comedy series, one of the top rated productions on TNT channel

A comedy series that became one of the top rated productions on TNT channel. The main characters are two lovers, he is running a small IT-company and she is some sort of a manager, later a student (pursuing a degree in sexology), both are slightly over 30 years old. They have been living together for a long while, but still aren’t married. Every episode consists of short, several minute-long skits involving the main characters and, sometimes, supporting characters.