Zhivoy zvuk (“Live sound”)

Zhivoy zvuk (“Live sound”)
Tv show
Russia 1 TV channel. Original idea and format development (produced 4 seasons)

“Live sound” is a musical entertainment TV show created for “RUSSIA” TV channel. The biggest celebrities-singers and performers of all kinds and generations come on the show to sing karaoke, have a good time and talk.

Several “stars” and one member of the audience, scouted by a karaoke club take part in each episode. A clever machine picks a song automatically and pushes out a record with the name of the song on it. No one has any idea which song they are going to get. What will happen now?

Similar to regular karaoke a computerized system evaluates the performance on a scale from 1 to 100. Who will get the most points?

After all of the participants have performed, a surprise “star” one of whose songs has just been performed, appears. This unexpected guest sings as well and gets points. So who wins?

The participants talk about their lives, tell secrets that have never been revealed before; and simply have a good time.

All of your favorite performers take part: Alexey Vorobyev, Soso Pavliashvili, Natalia Gulkina, Oscar Kuchera, Sasha Savelieva, Denis Klyaver (“Chai Vdvoem”), Svetlana Surganova, Dmitrii Koldun, Irina Nelson, Irina Klimova, Vlad Sokolovskii, Oleg Yakovlev (“Ivanushki”), Liudmila Sokolova, Victoria Daineko, Aia, Oleg Lomovoi and many others...


YURII STOIANOV, TV host: “Live sound” doesn’t just mean that there is singing without a phonogram, so to say “live”. The meaning of it is more complex. “Live sound” suggests that there will be actual “live” people participating in the show-people who are caring, think outside the box, those who are truly real. “Live sound” appeals to this type of an audience. And, naturally, needs the same kind of a host. I hope to perform up to this task.

SOSO PAVLIASHVILI, participant: “For me «Live sound” is like a breath of fresh air! This really is the only way to do it, singing live, in earlier days there was no such thing as singing to a phonogram. If I perform with a phonogram, I’ll lose my audience, my friends.... Using a phonogram is treason for a singer. Live sound is God-given, a phonogram is sinister.“

LARISA SHLEPINA, producer in chief, “ALAR film”: Our “Live sound” is an original show, not an adaptation of an existing one, of which there are many on the current TV scene. The creative idea belongs to Dmitrii Mednikov (“RUSSIA” TV channel). I personally think that we succeeded in creating a project that unites and inspires people, the one that takes down the walls and brings genuine feelings to life. I’m assured that we are all hungry for some live sound, both the audience and the performers.”

Format – TV show

Duration: 75-80 minutes, airs once a week on Fridays, at 11:55 pm starting October 25th

Host – Yurii Stoianov